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Rules & Regulations

One month's notice must be given or a month's fee paid before a pupil withdraws from the school.

A transfer certificate will not be issued unless all dues are cleared. A student has to apply for T.C. within one week of declaration of result otherwise the whole academic session fee will be charged for the same.

The school authority reserves the right to enhance tuition fees and other charges from time to time according to necessary.

Pupils must attend the school regularly and punctually. Late comers will normally be sent back home.

A clean and tidy uniform must be worm at all times.

Pupils are not allowed to attend school when sick or suffering from an infectious disease.

No pupil will be allowed to leave school premises earlier than the school leaving hours.

Any change in address/telephone number, guardian status must immediately be brought to the notice of the school office for change in records.

Pupils Must bring their school diaries regularly to school.

If a student is absent, he/she must bring a letter from parents/guardian explaining the cause of absence.

Guardians are not allowed to remain in the school permises during the school hours.

Students are to address teachers with due respect and do behave in suitable manner in school as well as to and from the school.

No party or programme is to be arranged in the school without prior permission of the authority.

Pupils are not permitted to wear gold jewellery and to carry mobile phones with them.