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Class Room

At Santiniketan the great idea of Rabindra Nath Tagore was to teach the students in the open air, beneath the tree. The nature plays a great role in the mental growth of a student. In a classroom the students are used to know about various subjects that are taught by the teachers. That help to increase the horizon of the student's knowledge. education cannot be confined within the covered block of the classroom. In our school we keep constant watch so that each student is able to come out of their classrooms and take part in various activities. It has been decided to focus on the exhibitions, workshop, competitions and other scientific resourceful activities. Above all the vision of our school is to make the student understand the real value of education by expending themselves with the help of knowledge. The school campus allows the students to play, run and to explore new things because our moto is to 'learn by fun' 'make fun and learn'.