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The Nursery training is for a healthy and natural development of children by providing an environment which will enable then to: Grow physically in strength and grace. Explore and understand the word of object, materials and natural forces. Learn to live happily with others. Become involved in things capable of arousing their aesthetic interests.   To fulfill these aims,nursery groups are occupied with formation of good habits in conduct and speech. Playing,singing, nursery rhymes, games, stories, hand work and sense training complete the programme. Through these activities children are taught to Speak and understand what is said to them before any attempt is made to teach them to read.


The approach at pre-primary is child centric play way system of education. It is development oriented and gives emphasis on a child's early preparation and acquaintance with school atmosphere and environment. The main objective at this level is to see that a child lives freely from all fears and tensions. An effort is made to pay individual attention on a child's development of language, creative expression, physical, mental and cognitive skills. A child is built up in the school through experimental method of learning. Our little tiny tots are given opportunities to explore their abilities. Children of this class are taught to read and write longer words and sentences and do advanced figure works. Children are provided with great variety of games and play materials to experiment, play, touch and feel. Spacious activity room with well equipped educational toys and pictures are provided for the tiny tots.


The school aims to prepare the child for entering into the World. It introduces the pupils to a wider world of experience and a larger sphere of activities. While the process of learning through experience and activity by means of ceaseless contacts with the world of objects, ideas and emotions is continued, the lesson plan lays adequate emphasis on formal studies and gradually enables the pupil to acquire an outlook and a bent of mind oriented to clear, precise and clear thinking.


The medium of instruction is English with Bengali or Hindi as the vernacular subject Great importance is given to the teaching and maintenance of good standards in all the three languages.