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Code of Conduct

1. To report for duty at least 10 minutes before the school starts.

2. All the teachers must converse in English in the school premises. Teachers also motivate the students for the same.

3. Teachers must be sober and formal dress during the school hours.

4. Teachers must be soft spoken and courteous.

5. Develop a genuine relationship and try to maintain proper distance from students.

6. Make use of your own skill and perusal experience to handle a child.

7. Do correct student, whenever you find him / her at fault.

8. Teachers must not talk and should show high sense of discipline during assembly.

9. Keep your documents (Student’s attendance register, Examination records, Work diaries and important documents) in your safe              custody and maintain them properly.

10. Lesson plan must be submitted to the Principal on every Monday without fail. Teachers are supposed to maintain the class room              teaching as per lesson plan.

11. Not to get assembled or talk to each other’s while moving from one class to another at the time.

12. Teacher must attend his/ her class immediately without wasting a minute when period is over or leaving the class unattended with            permission.