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Annual Report

Annual Report The Annual Report showcases the achievements and glories of our school undoubtedly but also makes us think deeply about our shortcomings. We have always being committed to create an environment in the school which helps the students to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personality. This school is organised by Kharagpur Vision Educational Trust. It had its foundation in the year 2016 and it is our privilege that we soon got the affiliation from CBSE, New Delhi on 5th September, 2018. The affiliation number is 2430236. We set standards and goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them be it in the area of academics, sports, discipline, leadership and more. There have been many changes at the school this year in the terms of high expectations, communication, behavioural management, professional development, technology and above all academics. We cater to students from all sections of society and we recognize this as a challenge and have actively worked to develop systems and processes to deal with this issue by taking extra and remedial classes. Teachers worked together in various training sessions to align their curriculum and understand continuous comprehensive evaluation. This vertical alignment will assure that students are learning all that they should be as they progress through our academic program. NCERT is implemented in its true spirit for students of I to X in school. Achieving Academic Excellence is at the heart of our endeavour as educators. Academic Achievements reflect a demonstrated ability to perform to the best of one’s ability by developing one’s intellectual potentials and skills with diligence and ardour. Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution. At present there are 879 students along with 40 teachers and 15 supporting staffs. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your mind. Our class X batch will appear this time for CBSE Board Exam and this is the first batch of our school, so we are putting our full effort and support to these students in every possible way. Teachers are giving and imparting them the best of knowledge and trying to nurture them so that they can keep the prestige of the school. For better academic development in child we kept weekly as well as monthly test along with periodical test which is of 50 marks and two terminal examination for Classes III to VIII i.e. Mid-Term and Final examination which is of 80 marks and 20 marks for Internal Assessment and for class IX three periodical Test of 50 marks and two terminal examination of 80 marks and for class X three periodical test and three pre-board examinations. Pre-Primary –Total four assessments. Even we are taking Monthly Test of students from class I to V and weekly test from class VI to X along with Subject Enrichment and Internal Assessment through maintaining records of all those activities done in the class as per CBSE Curriculum like Quiz, Exit Card, Concept Map, Peer Assessment and Self Assessment. Different parameters are there for assessing their creative talents and SAL skills in the children. OLYMPIAD Participations in the Science, Maths, English, Cyber Olympiad itself is the biggest competition where a student competes to outshine others. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward based assessment. Many students of our school have secured International Ranking. One of the students of our school Aftab Khan of class II was awarded with Rs.25000 and M. Madhurema of class VIIA has invited by SOF to New Delhi as a facilitator. SPORTS “To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not keep on trying.” Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. Sports, games and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum. Our students actively participated in different sports to win medals, certificates and trophies. Every year we are conducting Annual Sports Day. SCHOOL HOUSES “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from unity.” The students of the school are divided into four different houses- Bose, Kalam, Raman and Khurana. Each house is managed by Teachers and Students as a House Captain and House Vice Captain and House Prefects. The House on duty performs its duty of conducting the day-to-day activities, competitions in systematic and disciplined manner. There is an Inter-House and Intra-House competition among students. SCHOOL CLUBS “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Various co-curricular activities are held under different clubs to develop a child physically, morally, socially and mentally and to have skills in Co-scholastic areas. Regular Co-curricular activities and competitions are held in which the Students participate and display their calibre. The different clubs are Eco Club, Quiz Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Sports Club, English Club, Co-Curricular activities Club etc. TEACHERS’ IN-SERVICE TRAINING & WORKSHOPS “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever”. In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skills our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organised by the C.B.S.E and by Oxford University Press, Bharati Bhawan etc. so as to improve their academic transaction skills and to update their capabilities. SELF-DEFENCE AWARENESS “Be an opponent not a victim.” Creating awareness among our students is the need of the time. Keeping in mind the safety of the children, a preliminary workshop on Self-Defence was organised in the year 2018 under the guidance of MS. DIPTI SHANKAR. She encouraged the students to raise voice against any misconduct and bring them to book. The girls were encouraged to either share their problem verbally or drop the letter in the drop-box installed in the school. It was not for students but also for teachers. CHANGES AND DEVELOPMENT Few of the changes and infrastructural developments have taken place in the school and we personally thank the management for providing the infrastructure and for their constant support and encouragement. New smart board had installed. Purchased new podium for programme. Safe drinking water. Two computer labs. Maintenance of all the laboratories and library. PARENT-TEACHER MEETING AND PARENT ORIENTATION PROGRAMME Parents and teachers’ meeting are held in the school after periodical and terminal examination to discuss about the improvements made by the children. Parents were called for a meeting with the teachers of pre-primary and Classes I to VIII to interact, update and share the concerns of the teachers. Parents Teachers’ Meeting conducted for Classes IX & X students for 75% attendance and maintenance of books and notebooks. Parents must give their feedbacks, some suggestions and also appreciated the school on its achievement and overall development of the students. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Education should consists of a series of enchantments each raising the individuals to a higher level of awareness understanding and with all living things. There are different activities for pre-primary & secondary like for pre-primary students there are various competitions like Solo-Dance, English Rhymes, Hindi Rhymes, Story Telling etc. for classes III to IX.  Inter-House & Intra-House activities are being done and for Classes I & II there will be Handwriting Competition, Go-As-You Like, Christmas Tree Decoration etc and we kept the Rhymes, Song, Quiz, Debate, Rangoli, Extempore etc. for students of Class III to IX. Many milestones have been achieved and many still have to be reached. We at Kharagpur Vision Academy will continue our unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalised with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of the portal of education. This report is a sincere attempt to show cases our progress in terms of achievements and activities during the year. We humbly salute visionary leaders of the past and the great owes of the present and seek divine grace and blessings to guide us in all our endeavours. REMEDIAL CLASSES These classes are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he is expected to know. Sometimes it happens that students are removed from their regular classroom and taught in another setting as these students require the extra help. The ultimate aim is to help pupils who have fallen behind to learn to the best of their ability and to bring them back into the mainstream classes as far as possible. ELECTRICITY & WATER SUPPLY There is 24 hours uninterrupted power supply and there is proper arrangement for safe drinking water in the school campus. The students never face problem in case of water supply. BUS TRACKING We are providing the facility of bus tracking so that the parents will never face any problem. They can easily keep track on the bus location. The parents sitting at home or workplace can able to track the child’s school bus to and from school. This ensures safety for the child as well as for the parents. VAWSUM We are also providing Vawsum app facility to the parents which make hearing awesome. It  aims to revolutionize how parents and teachers engage with each other, which enhance digital learning, communication and making parents updated with school curriculum and day-to-day  activities. They even act as an opportunity to send any kind of feedback to the teacher. It helps to make connections with parent-teachers and students through its vivid features. UPGRADATION FOR CLASSES XI & XII Kharagpur Vision Academy is trying its level best for the up gradation for classes XI & XII which is very vital for the growth of the school. The management thinks of the value of education in child’s life and taken the initiative for upgrading for classes XI & XII with all the three streams i.e, Arts, Science and Commerce because in Kharagpur there are very less school providing this platform for students. FIRE SAFETY The school has sufficient open space and adequate exit to ensure Fire safety and there is also First aid fire fighting arrangements like Fire Extinguisher, Sand Buckets etc to provide safety to the students in the school campus even the students are well trained and have knowledge about how to deal with the problem if there is fire in the school campus. CCTV SURVEILLANCE The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance which will monitor primarily for surveillance and security purposes. It helps to identify and capture any intruders or offenders. It is very helpful in keeping a watch on valuables and appropriate use of resources within the school.