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1.Students of the School achieved Gold medal(3), Silver Medal(2),Bronze medal(2) in International Cyber Olympiad as well as cash Prize of 25000/(01 student),5000(2 students),2500/-(02 students)& 1000 /-(02 students). 2.All the teachers are well trained. Teachers Training are up to date school also organized CBP(02nos) workshop on Financial literacy by SEBI Mumbai, Govt. Of India. Art education enables the child to explore. It helps to improve a student’s memory and concentration skills. It deepens the child’s understanding of human expression and invention. It strengthens the sensory skills and creative thinking abilities and allows to create their own unique expression. It is very important in school academic as it makes the child feel beauty of freedom. The activity of painting and drawing promotes the welfare of an individual. It constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the wholesome personality of the learners. It is a process of fulfilment running through every aspect of life and it goes on in a creative, productive and joyful manner.  In Kharagpur Vision Academy Art is a subject and has very important role in student’s life and it is in the timetable from class Nursery to Class VIII. In Pre-Primary classes, first I used to teach them to identify the colours and after making them understand about the different colour, I used to make drawings on the board and ask them that which colour will be suitable for that picture and after that I start teaching them how to fill colour in the picture. And for  students of class I to II, I teach them how to draw lines, circles, various shapes and then come to the small drawings for example, they used to draw things which they see in their daily life and identify its shape and then teach them how to draw in copy and also teach them the skill of colouring for middle school students. I give the drawing on the board and say them to draw and fill colour which will help them in balancing both the things together. There are slow learners also who does not have skilling in art. So for them I give extra efforts like I make them sit in front row so that they can able visualize and study the drawing clearly and this will help them to manage the drawing in every possible means. I first preferred to use crayons for colouring and after making them perfect with that I move to any other colours like water colours, tube colours, pencil colours etc. This will help them to learn about using different colours in their drawings and I instruct the students to draw with feelings as drawing is one kind of imagination, which is more important than knowledge. This subject has a great value in individual and through my way of teaching method I meant that students should improve their skilling power and my main motto is to raise the weak students those who are unable to draw but I am happy to see that children have shown much improvement after assessing them I am quite contented.         -“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”